The investigation of natural mysteries with a biological emphasis.

Think You've seen a mystery animal?

There are a lot of people out there investigating mystery animals. Some are paranormalists, some are 'monster hunters', some are debunkers, and some very few follow a true cryptozoological methodology, I've been investigating mystery animals for over twenty years, and I'm always interested in hearing about new reports. But there are a few things you should know first.

  1. First, a clear resolution to a case is often rare, but each sighting can still be very useful to investigators in terms of seeing larger patterns. Not every report will turn out to be a possible mystery animal sighting. Misidentifications are common.
  2. Second, I don't 'believe' or 'disbelieve' in any animal's existence without sufficient evidence, but I'm always interested in hearing about what you've seen.
  3. Every sighting has to be interpreted, and one investigator's assumptions may differ from another's. I interpret from a biological-folkloric perspective. (Either a mystery animal has a biological basis, or it does not; in the latter case, there is an obvious folkloric element regardless of any other foundation.) I am not a paranormalist (simply because the evidence can usually be reasonably interpreted in a rational manner without a paranormal assumption).
  4. I don't hoard sighting reports. If you share your report, and I think it could be useful to others, I will share non-personal details with other investigators (most often through BioFortean Notes). I don't, however, share witness names with the general public.
  5. I will likely need to ask a number of questions about the sighting, where and when it took place, different characteristics of the animal seen, and your own background. This is not intended to be intrusive, but details may allow for a firmer conclusion or for more reasonable speculation. (A sketch is always helpful.)

If you have a sighting, you can drop me a line here

Please include contact info, as I will likely have questions. Please mention that this is from Strangeark, as I otherwise might mistake it for spam.