The investigation of natural mysteries with a biological emphasis.

BioFortean Review: Articles


The online articles for BioFortean Review were primarily written by myself and Craig Heinselman with occasional contributions by others. I've condensed them onto pages by year.


2006 Articles

An Additional Account of an Alleged 'Long-tailed Wild Cat'

Historical Record of a Giant Otter from Maine

Zaweaksh, The Prince Rupert 1934 Sea-Monster

Wahhoo, it's a Whoahaw!

The Pterodactyls of Fresno County, California

Eclipse of the Saola?


2007 Articles

Mugwump of the Lake

King Moose

A Mystery Feline from Guyana with Possible Relevance to Hocking's Speckled Tiger

Mystery Reptiles of the Samoan Islands

Did a Sea Serpent Kill a Man?

Notes on a Minor Set of Correspondence from Bernard Heuvelmans

The New Siberian Roc

Notes on the Minhocão

Mythical Animals from Greenland


2008 Articles

The Scott Norman "Pterosaur" Sighting: His Own Words

Tatra Cave Dogs and Other Cave Dog Myths in Eastern Europe

The Carraguar, or Night-Tiger, of Colima, Mexico

An Account of a North American Bipedal Reptile from Wyoming


2009 Articles

The "Dirty Angel" and Other Nevada Paiute Folkloric Creatures

Johnston's "Third Mysterious Animal" from the Congo

Goosefoot, the Cumberland Dragon


2010-11 Articles

A Mammoth Hoax

An Out-of-Place Dogfish in the Ohio River

Albino Ringtails

A Photoreactive Spider