The investigation of natural mysteries with a biological emphasis.

a brief bio

Chad Arment

While I can recall reading early Bigfoot paperbacks (John Green, Marian Place, Elwood Baumann) as a kid, Loren Coleman's books a bit later, it wasn't until high school that I developed a strong interest in cryptozoology. This was when the International Society of Cryptozoology was active, providing a strong scientific basis for investigation, discussion, and debate, which is sadly lacking in much of what passes for cryptozoology today.

My specific interests include advocating for cryptozoology as a scientifically valid discovery methodology within zoology, searching for historical records of various mystery animals, and looking into lesser-known mystery animals. I publish my own work in books or through the free BioFortean Notes, I have reprinted a few older texts of interest to cryptozoology, and I have published a few authors whose research I think adds measurably to the cryptozoological literature. Visit for details.

For other interests, I herp, bird, and hunt for dragonflies, contributing to iNaturalist.

I have lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.