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I've had a long-standing interest in classic short stories and novels about mysterious animals and new species. Some of these stories will have fantastical elements, and a few are about lost "races" of people, others will be out-of-place animals, but most focus on the biological aspects of undiscovered species.

To start off, I'm offering Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World as a free pdf download. This is one of the best cryptofiction novels of all time. To download, click here.

I've moved the Radio Nostalgia (with several cryptofiction radio programs) to its own page (free downloadable mp3s).

Note: some of these early stories include racial stereotypes and denigrations, so may not be appropriate for younger readers. Some bowdlerization has been made in certain rare instances.


The Last Haunt of the Dinosaur, by Henry Francis
In the Avu Observatory
, by H. G. Wells
The Sea Raiders, by H. G. Wells
Æpyornis Island, by H. G. Wells
The Valley of the Spiders, by H. G. Wells
The Horror-Horn, by E. F. Benson
"And No Bird Sings," by E. F. Benson
The Damned Thing, by Ambrose Bierce
The Horror of the Heights, by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Terror of Blue John Gap, by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Fiend of the Cooperage, by Arthur Conan Doyle
Demons of the Sea, by William Hope Hodgson
The Stone Ship, by William Hope Hodgson
The Thing in the Weeds, by William Hope Hodgson
A Tropical Horror, by William Hope Hodgson
The Terror of the Water-Tank, by William Hope Hodgson
The Habitants of Middle Islet, by William Hope Hodgson
A Matter of Fact, by Rudyard Kipling
De Profundis, by H. de Vere Stacpoole
A Relic of the Pliocene, by Jack London
The Killing of the Mammoth, by H. Tukeman
The Tale of the Abu Laheeb, by Lord Dunsany
What Jorkens has to put up with, by Lord Dunsany
The Air Serpent, by Will A. Page
The Great Beast of Kafue, by Richard Dehan
The Monster of Lake LaMetrie, by Wardon Allan Curtis
The Lizard, by
Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne
The Blue Cockroach, by Edward Heron-Allen
The Shame of Gold, by Charles J. Finger
The Lizard God, by Charles J. Finger
The Golden Rat, by Alexander Harvey
The Kraken, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Sea-Serpent, by Planché
Last of the Race, by William Fryer Harvey
Spirit Island, by Captain Henry Toke Munn
The Great White Moth, by Fred M. White
No-Man's-Land, by John Buchan
Flying Death, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
Manmat'ha, by Charles De Kay
The Pterodactyl, by Thomas Charles Sloane
The Biologist's Quest, by John M. Oskison
The Novel of the Black Seal, by Arthur Machen
The Red Hand, by Arthur Machen
The Shining Pyramid, by Arthur Machen
Hunting the Soko, by Phil Robinson
The Last of the Vampires, by Phil Robinson
The Worm, by David H. Keller
Danger, by Irvin Lester and Fletcher Pratt
The Octopus Cycle, by Irvin Lester and Fletcher Pratt
The Ancient Horror, by Hal Grant
Nœkken of Norway, by Bob Olsen
The Paradise of the Ice Wilderness, by Jul. Regis
Vampires of the Desert, by A. Hyatt Verrill


The Black Panther of the Navaho, by Warren H. Miller
Flying Death, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
In Search of the Unknown, by Robert W. Chambers
Police!!!, by Robert W. Chambers
The Sign of the Spider, by Bertram Mitford (paperback edition)
Beyond the Great South Wall, by Frank Savile (paperback edition) Cryptozoology and more

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