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The Flying Death
Samuel Hopkins Adams

This text is Adams' expansion of a previous short story, which is also reprinted on this site. The book not only broadens the characters, but makes significant changes to the plot and ending.

Chapter 1: The Insomniac

Chapter 2: The Voice in the Night

Chapter 3: The Sea-Waif

Chapter 4: The Death in the Buoy

Chapter 5: The Cry in the Dusk

Chapter 6: Helga

Chapter 7: The Wonderful Whalley

Chapter 8: The Unhorsed Nightfarer

Chapter 9: Cross-Purposes

Chapter 10: The Terror By Night

Chapter 11: The Body on the Sand

Chapter 12: The Senatus

Chapter 13: The New Evidence

Chapter 14: The Early Excursion

Chapter 15: The Professor Acts

Chapter 16: The Lost Clue

Chapter 17: The Professor's Sermon

Chapter 18: Readjustments

Chapter 19: The Lone Survivor

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