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Cryptid Guide

Marine Cryptids

Part 1: Heuvelmans' eight sea serpent types

Sea Serpent: "Super-otter," pre-zeuglodon archeocete?
Reported from the Arctic Ocean until the last century
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: "many-humped" animal
Reported throughout the cold temperate regions of the North Atlantic
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: "Aelian's cetacean centipede"
Reported from tropical and subtropical waters
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: "big sea-lion with a long neck"
Reported from around the world, occasionally from landlocked lakes
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: "sea horse"
Reported from around the world
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: crocodilian or lizard-like reptile
Reported from tropical waters
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: "super-eel"
Reported sporadically - could be a variety of separate eel-like creatures
Heuvelmans 1986

Sea Serpent: elongated invertebrates
Postulated Tunicates or Ctenophores
Heuvelmans 1986

Shuker (1998d) notes that these categories have been challenged (notably by Magin) in recent years with the idea that different "types" of sea serpents are founded on cultural differences.

Part 2: Other cryptids

Shark: "Eel-like shark" or other species
Reported from off the coast of Maine
Shuker 1997; Roesch 1997

Shark: Giant carpet shark
Possible reports from the Timor Sea
Shuker 1997

Shark: Giant sharks
Reported near New South Wales, Australia; South Pacific
Shuker 1997; Shuker 1995b

Fish: 30-40 foot Unknown species
Reported 4,000 feet in San Diego Trough, eastern Pacific Ocean
Bille 1995

Fish: 13 foot long "wrasse"
Reported of African coast
Bille 1995

Fish: Beebe's bathysphere fish
Described, but still uncollected and unphotographed; several species
2100 feet down, 5 miles southeast of Bermuda's Nonsuch Island
Shuker 1998d

Fish: Giant rat-tails (Macrourids)
Reported from deepwater near Bermuda and in Mexican Gulf
Shuker 1998d

Coelacanth: outside known territory
Hypothesized near Gulf of Mexico
Shuker 1996; Shuker 1995b; Arment, ed., 2006

Manta: possible new species
Reported from Galapagos Archipelago, Baja California, and New Caledonia
Sehm 1993-1996

Heyerdahl's phosphorescent creatures
Reported from Pacific
Bille 1995

Giant Squid: 100+ feet long
Heuvelmans 1986

Mystery Squid
Distinctive paralarval specimen collected [Big eyes, large lateral fins, dubbed "Big-fin"]
Collected in Hawaiian waters
Shuker 1998d

Giant Octopuses: 60+ feet long
Reported from the western Atlantic, especially near the Bahamas
Heuvelmans 1986

Giant Octopuses
Reported from Hawaii
See NABR (Sucik)

Giant Jellyfish
Reported from various parts of the world, different species involved
Shuker 1997

Giant Polychaete
Reported from off St. Lucia
Roesch 1996

"Sea Scorpion"
Reported off Miami Beach, FL
Shuker 1995b

Marine "amblypygid"
Photographed several times in south Pacific during DISCOL I expedition
Shuker 1998d

Photographed invertebrates with morphology combining acorn worms and pterobranchs
Reported from southwest Pacific trenches
Shuker 1998d

Whale: High-finned sperm whale
Reported around the Shetland Islands in the 17th century
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Whale: Beaked whale
Black above, white below, flippers white on upper surface
Reported from North Atlantic
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Whale: Beaked whale
Flattened head; low, wide-based dorsal fin; larger ones are dark with light "racing stripes"
Reported from coast of Mexico
Bille 1995

Whale: Whale with sabre-shaped back fin
Reported from Antarctic Ocean
Heuvelmans 1986; Bille 1995

Whale: Rhinoceros whale (two dorsal fins)
Reported from southeastern Pacific, off coast of Chile
Shuker 1997; Raynal 1994

Narwhal: Antarctic narwhal
Reported from Bransfield Strait, Antarctic Ocean
Shuker 1997

Sepia brown Killer-whale, "Alula whale"
Reported from Gulf of Aden
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Dolphin: Two dorsal-finned dolphin
Reported from Mediterranean, and b/n Sandwich Islands and New South Whales
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997; Raynal 1994

Dolphin: "Greek dolphin"
Looks like the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) but lacks harness pattern
Reported from the Mediterranean
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Dolphin: "Senegal dolphin"
Looks like the bridled dolphin (Stenella attenuata)
Reported off the coast of Senegal
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Dolphin: "Illigan dolphin"
Looks like the mellon-headed whale (Peponocephala electra), with brown back, yellow sides, and pink belly.
Reported in the Mindanao Sea
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1997

Dolphin: Scott's dolphin
Reported from Magellan Straits
Shuker 1997

Porpoises: Unknown species
Small and stout, about four feet long, brown dorsal, white ventral
Reported off Chile
Bille 1995

Reported from regions without known sirenians (Arctic Ocean, European waters, Greenland coast, Polynesia, northeast coast of North America)
Heuvelmans 1986

Sirenian: Surviving remnants of Steller's Sea-Cow
Reported from the Bering Sea
Heuvelmans 1986; Raynal 1987

Sirenian: Manatee-like animals
Reported from sea around St. Helena (possibly elephant seals)
Shuker 1998d

Reported from the northern Pacific, south of the Aleutian Islands
Heuvelmans 1986

"Marine Elephant"
Reported from coast of Natal, South Africa; and Glaciar Island, Alaska
Shuker 1997

Bird: Great Auk, surviving remnants
Reported from Whale-fish Islands (?)
Shuker 1991

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