Sunday, February 28, 2010

Future Changes

Just a note, I may have to make some changes about blogging due to Google (who owns Blogger) deciding they were not going to continue supporting FTP service for self-hosted blogs. As I have no intention of moving to Blogger's hosting, this means that a) I will have to migrate to something like WordPress, which I'm not sure I want to fool around with, or b) drop the blogging and just continue to send the news bits to the StrangeArk email list, while focusing on building up the StrangeArk site. (Though, at present, don't really have time to do much more article creation -- too many irons in the fire. Actually, I was working on an article for BioFortean Review today on an overlooked mystery animal, then realized how long it was going to be, so decided to save it for a chapter in a book. Guess I'll have to start coming up with more lesser-known cryptids for a general mystery animal collection.)


At 7:36 AM, Blogger Andrew D. Gable said...

I wasn't quite certain what I was going to do with my blog, either, as I'm working on a book also and it had gone on hiatus for a while. This Google thing here just seals it. The same as you, I'll either go to Wordpress or abandon the blog totally. Probably run to Wordpress, and it works out as I may have to be changing the focus of the blog anyway.


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