Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Harry & The Hendersons Comes to US DVD

Harry and the Hendersons a favorite of many Bigfoot searchers, is finally arriving in the USA on DVD on April 24th 2007.....
DVD Features:- Commentary with Director William Dear- Deleted scenes- Making of featurette- "Harry... finding the missing link" Featurette- Newswrap. 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, dolby 5.1

Directed by William Dear and written by Bill Martin, Harry tells the story of a Sasquatch and an American family who work together to protect its secret after bringing it into civilization. The story is a family affair, and is decent for children.

Made in 1987, the movie featured John Lithgow, Kevin Peter Hall as Harry the Sasquatch(who also played Predator in the move Predator), David Suchet, Don Ameche and more. The makeup effects by Rick Baker also won an Academy Award.

The characters themselves, especially the researchers in the film, have characteristics of actual Bigfooters such as Rene Dahinden, Peter Byrnes, Grover Krantz and so forth.

While the movie has been out off and on on VHS in the USA, as well as laserdisc since 1993, this will be the first DVD release of the film.

The film sparked a spin-off television show as well that ran for a few years.

Craig Heinselman
Peterborough, NH


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