Saturday, December 09, 2006

PolarGrizz Taxidermy

From the Edmonton Journal:
"The stuffed carcass of the world's first known cross between a polar bear and a grizzly is on its way to the Idaho home of a wealthy American hunter who killed the animal this spring.
"Jim Martell shot the bear in April on a remote Arctic island. The trophy is now en route to Martell's home to join the five bighorn sheep, two brown bears and a black bear he already has.
"The bear left Yellowknife this week, after a taxidermist spent the last seven months stuffing and mounting it in preparation for its journey to a tiny Idaho town of 1,400 people." ...

"Martell didn't realize the bear's significance when he shot it during a hunt on the southern tip of Banks Island in the Northwest Territories, about 2,000 kilometres north of Edmonton. He thought he had killed a polar bear, which he had a licence for.
"But he and his Inuit guides noticed something peculiar when they approached the white bear.
"The thick fur seemed like that of a polar bear, but the long claws, humped back and dished face did not.
"Its eyes were surrounded with rings of black and its hide was marked with small patches of brown on its nose, back and one foot.
"DNA tests confirmed the six-year-old male had a polar bear mother and a grizzly bear father." ...

"Is Martell's animal the only one of its kind?
"Ian Stirling, Canada's leading expert on the species, said polar bear cubs typically come in pairs, although whether there is a sibling still running free is unknown."

[Full news posted to StrangeArk archive.]


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